“Ability is important but character is supreme.” Coach John Wooden

Coach Wooden said it well, and character continues to be a major emphasis of Triple C Sports Camps. Along with outstanding instruction from quality coaches who challenge your ability, each camp is filled with plenty of competition to stretch your skills and use what you have learned. These are the three C’s of Triple C Sports Camps.

We believe that all other factors being equal, the player with the quality of character will excel above his competition. Therefore, we teach a solid work ethic; respect for officials, teammates, coaches, and opponents; and promote a teachable spirit in every athlete.

Whether you are a beginner or a varsity level player Triple C Sports Camps will give you the tools to make it to the next level. 


General INformation


Each player is required to be covered by his/her own medical insurance policy.

Free T-Shirt

Each camper receives a free camp t-shirt.

What to Bring

Feel free to bring your own ball, water bottle, towels, etc


Players compete against others of similar size, age, and ability. Each camper receives some kind of award.